Will the garments shrink in the wash? The garments comply with the general performance standards in the clothing retail industry. Some shrinkage and twisting may occur after washing but will stay within the acceptable limits for dimensional stability performance. To minimize shrinking and twisting, it is recommended that the wash temperature does not exceed 30C in a standard or delicate washing cycle, and the garments are reshaped before drying on a line or flat. Hot washes and tumble drying is likely to affect the dimensional stability of the garments and may also cause fading of colour. For the sake of protecting the environment, we say: wash at 30C or below, do not tumble dry, line dry and only iron when necessary.

Please look at our size chart to choose the best fitting garment for you.

Unisex T-Shirt

Men T-shirt size chart

MSS cap

Head circumference: 54,9cm to 60cm


30cm in length